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foundersUNILATINA INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE is a private institution that provides professional Holistic Education in Miramar, Florida. J. Alberto Moyano Ferrer and Lydia B. Bautista Möller founded UL Unilatina School of Business in January 2000 under the corporate bylaws of the State of Florida; Fleeing the appalling violence which faced their home country in the late 90s, Alberto and Lydia, along with their four daughters, migrated from Bogota, Colombia to Hollywood, Florida on August 10, 1999. Consequently, they were forced to leave behind the institution for higher education they had founded in 1979 to start a new life venture in South Florida.

The State Board of Nonpublic Career Education of the State of Florida issued the first license to UL Unilatina School of Business on February 20, 2001 to the Small Business Management and Marketing and Sales Management diploma programs.

However, in 2002, Alberto was diagnosed with larynx cancer and underwent several unsuccessful cancer treatments in hopes of recovery. Meanwhile, Angelica and Marcela Moyano, two oldest daughters who had just obtained their bachelor degrees, decided to work full time in the institution while their parents were focused on the cancer fight.

Alberto guided Angelica in writing the school annual license renewal to be submitted in December 2003. He also spent his last days of life writing, editing, and revising his Model of Holistic Education, which was subsequently applied to the curricula of UIC’s programs. Alberto passed away on January 26, 2004.

Today, the institution is managed by Lydia Bautista and her four daughters, Angelica, Marcela, Lina Maria, and Liliana, who became experienced professionals and educators. Their main goal is to provide Holistic Education & training to individuals who want to become entrepreneurs, be part of the labor market, or increase their language skills.

UL School of Business was renamed to Unilatina International College in 2008. UIC is currently nationally accredited, offers federal financial aid to local students, and issues the I-20 Form for International Students.

 The school offers Associate and Bachelor Degree programs in Business Administration, Travel & Tourism Management, International Business, and Communications & Mass Media, and as well offers an innovative English as a Second Language (ESL) program.

All programs incorporate a curriculum, which promote and develop

  1. Entrepreneurial Skills
  2. Emotional Intelligence
  3. Global World Competencies (excellent cross-cultural communication skills, multilingualism, and technology skills).Lydia Bautista Moller and daughters
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